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Archimedes’s Principle 1. Weight = mass x 9.80 g/cm^3 W= 45g x 9.80 N W= 44,100 dynes 2. Light power (determined) = weight in air †weight in water BF = 44,100 dynes †38710 dynes BF = 5390 dynes 3. Volume of Water = radius^2 x length V= (.63cm) (4.65cm) V= 5.80 cm 4. Light power (estimated) = mass in air/thickness BF= (44,100 g)/(7.76 g/cm^3) BF= 5684 cm^3 5. % contrast = BF determined †BF estimated/BF estimated % contrast = 5390 †5684/5684 % contrast = 5.4 % 6. Thickness = Mass/Volume Thickness = 45 g/5.80 cm^3 Thickness = 7.76 g/cm^3 7. Volume of wood = length x width x tallness V = (7.62cm) (7.63cm) (3.86 cm) V = 224. 42 cm^3 Questions 2.) Because an overweight individual uproots progressively liquid while venturing into a pool. By uprooting increasingly liquid, the individual makes a more noteworthy light power making it simpler for him to swim. 5.c) By setting a battery into the water with a gliding pole into its profound round and hollow cavity it is very simple to decide the state of the battery. The weakened battery will have an a lot higher thickness than that of a profoundly charged battery. From the perception of how the battery coasts you can tell its condition. 8.) We had the option to discover the volume of uproot water in Part II without any problem. First we set an enormous tupperware holder on the table and in it a littler compartment filled to the top with water. At the point when the square of wood was set in the holder, water dropped out of the littler compartment into the bigger compartment. By putting the water which dropped out of the littler holder into a chamber, you can quantify the volume of uprooted water. 9.) No I didn't utilize Archimedes’s chief to discover the densities. I utilized the thickness recipe of separating the mass by the volume. We discover the densities and contrast them with the densities of water to help comprehend the mechanics of light power. Conversation      In section two of the lab managing Archimedes’s guideline, we were looking at the light power of a square of wood to its weight in dynes. The initial step of the activity managed estimating the amount of uprooted water. We did this utilizing two compartments, one little and one huge, and filled the little holder to the edge with water. By putting the square of wood in the little holder and utilizing a graduated chamber, we had the option to discover the measure of water dislodged by the square.

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Well Done Is Better Than Well Said (by Moshood) free essay sample

All around shown improvement over very much said Distinguished scoops and respectable men, board of Judges co-debaters and my kindred crowd a salaam Alaskan. It gives me an incredible delight to represent the movement cited very much shown improvement over all around said. All around shown improvement over all around said; says who, this is a well known expression of the mainstream old printer Benjamin Franklin. I firmly confidence in the maxim activity talks stronger than voice I dont have faith in words I put stock in real life, do you trust in words?!!!We have been living in a universe of unfulfilled guarantees, an existence where freedom just lies in poles, have we not heard enough of the sweet covered expressions of our administrations and president, to what extent would we say we will stay in this? , there are billions of guarantees yet to be satisfied by our pioneers, on the off chance that we had realized that their words were nothing we would not have decided in favor of muc h do all of you confide in your political pioneers, whose glossed over has no significance spare unfilled and pseudo guarantees. We will compose a custom exposition test on Very much Done Is Better Than Well Said (by Moshood) or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The administration guarantees harmony however yet executing of men Is Like that of murdering chickens, the demise rate has Is on the ascent and the graveyard continues getting guests, well Its so promotion to realize that words are effectively stated, overlooked and sold out yet activities are definitely not. What might you say about the increasing pace of joblessness, would you be able to tally the occasions government have guaranteed work openings, well dont be amazed in light of the fact that words anyway sweet and wonderful will remain word if not went with activity. We need activity to change the orientation of this nation, we are conceivably supplied at this point the expressions of our pioneers play little to carry us to the portion of progress. Noteworthy Judges, People effectively talk about what they cannot do, why cant men let their activity represent them, insightful men dont talk their activity represents them, cause activity expels the uncertainty that hypothesis can't solve.Coming down the steps to our public activities; double dealing, disloyalty and Lies has become an everyday action, the three words l LOVE YOU has wound up numerous homes sad , despondent and has even lead to such a large number of torn homes, he professes to cherish her yet never show care, he professes to adore her however lack the capacity to deal with her, he beguiled her with the words l LOVE YOU just to cause her to endure and miserable, he double-crossed her trust in his words, he made her desire she knew the villain inside him yet no, she just observed his sw eet covered words at first, presently she realizes that its not what we state cap shows who we truly are, but instead what we do.Daddy discloses to me a thousands time I love you yet has consistently been occupied in is office and has no opportunity to go through with me, no opportunity to share issues together, no opportunity to reveal to me stories and show me virtues. OK incline toward a thousand words too great deed? I would prefer to suck to a decent deed instead of a thousand words. Let me help you to remember the way that champs have program however washouts have pardon, for what reason should one lecture what one can not do, accomplishing something admirably is more remarkable and successful than saying it high rise with their mouth.

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The Overuse of Social Media Counter Argument, Rebuttal - 1100 Words

The Overuse of Social Media: Counter Argument, Rebuttal (Essay Sample) Content: Students NameProfessors NameCourseDateThe Overuse of Social MediaSocial media is no doubt an essential tool for communication and connection, as well as being the source of entertainment and enlightenment. It has had so much effect on peoples daily lives that they hardly notice the amount of time spent through timelines, pictures, and digital feeds. If we choose to combine the amount of time spent on brushing teeth, dressing, showering, and preparing for work, it hardly competes with the time spent on social media. Therefore, although these forms of electronic communication have many benefits, they also have destructive effects. While social media continues to be used in many countries as an alternative to mainstream media and a tool for telling stories otherwise ignored by contemporary media, excessive use must be controlled because it has proven to be the most significant source of addiction and dependence, containing symptoms similar to drinking and drug addiction .Counter ArgumentSocial media use needs to be encouraged because it positively influences peoples lives in multiple ways, including the ability to keep in touch with friends and family, acquire information and entertainment, and remain up to speed with current affairs CITATION Buc161 \l 1033 (Bucher). It is a platform to find news and helps make new friends and even go as far as finding spouses. The rise of social media has inadvertently led to the spread of fake news CITATION Tyl17 \l 1033 (Hellard). Therefore, the users have to be keen about sieving out information they find online to keep propaganda at bay. Companies can market their products effectively through social media bypassing the need to use mainstream media platforms.Social media addiction must be discouraged because it is the leading cause of depression among users. It is plausible to speak about the addiction to Facebook because it encompasses common criteria for the disease. For instance, users displaying experien ces that modify their moods attempt to conceal the addictive behavior and mental preoccupation. Some of them try to neglect their personal lives and show elements of tolerance and escapism (Mosseri). Research posits that motivation of excessive use of social media is different and depends on particular traits. Extroverts and introverts display different characteristics depending on the situation in which they are. People with narcissistic traits have also been seen to exhibit different features. Therefore, Facebook addiction is just as harmful as any other type of drug addiction.Social media use should be regulated for obvious reasons of preventing addiction. The time spent on social media sites continues to increase every year as evidenced by the growth in the profit of such companies as Facebook and Twitter. Users are dependent on the likes, hashtags, pictures, and favorites for personal amusement (The Economist). Due to the fear of losing out, most users waste a lot of time looki ng for new information online. The feeling is mutual among rampant users of social media. The expression has become so prevalent that the term was added to the Oxford Dictionary of English in 2013 CITATION Won18 \l 1033 (Wong). The more time users spend trying to catch up with the issue on social media, the more they feel like they are missing out.RebuttalAlthough social media sites have many benefits, they have numerous disadvantages as well, and users must guard against these. Social media outlets create a false feeling of reality among the users. Anyone can post anything on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat with the sole intention of shaping a particular perception about their experiences. Moreover, social media provides the opportunity to use photos as a source of empowerment. People can edit their pictures in such a way that they seem to look more beautiful, thus making the viewers believe in fake. Although life is filled with both happiness and sadness in equal measure, users c an filter out sad moments of their lives to shape the perception of eternal bliss (Bucher). Viewers sitting at home doing nothing but looking at happy images of their friends on snapchat is likely to feel inadequate. They may feel the need to go out and do something with their friends to measure up to the average social standards.Social media platforms create the need for instant gratification that users must avoid remaining safe. As a result, users develop anxiety when they do not get a text back immediately or respond to their posts CITATION Won18 \l 1033 (Wong). Although such feeling does not occur all the time, it sometimes happens for people to be concerned about it. Occasionally, users feel uneasy when people want to respond to their posts but are snapping and taking time to compose a response CITATION Won18 \l 1033 (Wong). Social media applications have also been adapted to appeal to the users sense of urgency and expectation. The same matter goes back to the fact that peop le have phones and computers with the ability to send instant messages. Many users have adopted a mindset of quick and easy communication with each other. Going against such norms is considered backward and at times frowned upon.Avid users of social media should beware because it cultivates the unhealthy habit of comparing oneself to the actions of others. Humans are created to be different in every way, and hence two individuals cannot ever be the same. Comparing oneself to others is unhealthy and impractical CITATION Buc161 \l 1033 (Bucher). True happiness can be limited, and life cannot only be composed of happy moments. Social media was created with the intent of keeping up with close friends, neighbors, and family. Globalization has widened the world, exposing users to many different global cultures CITATION Won18 \l 1033 (Wong). This trend has been beneficial and detrimental in equal measure. Users do not know when the comparison is useful and when it is harmful. For instanc e, fake comparisons presented on social media platforms may make people depressed. Moreover, overuse of such internet resources as...

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Brilliant Lies - Original Script Writing Essay - 935 Words

Brilliant Lies - Original Script Writing Act One Scene One 1. The case between Susy and Gary is one where it is ones words against another. 2. From the first scene it would appear that Susy has got her heart set on getting 40 thousand dollars from the case. One would also get the impression that she is a slut and a bit of a player. Scene Two ========= 1. Gary is an uptight and aggressive character. Vince would appear to be lay back and nice. They however both agree that the sexual harassment laws are out to get middle class white males. Gary says Damned if you do, damned if you dont, which mean even if you†¦show more content†¦3. The Connor family is critical of each other. The father sexually abused his daughters at an age when they where developing into young ladies. Scene Four ========== 1. When Marion tells Susy that Vince and Gary said she made many private phone calls, slept at her desk and told married women about her drug taking Susy said Oh shit! Did they say that?. She obviously was not expecting them to tell Marion about those things. Williamson wants us to know that neither side is telling the complete truth. He wants us to decide what the truth is, if we ever do know the real truth! Scene Five ========== 1. Gary believes that Gay Armenians and Lesbian Turks are dictating the moral agenda. 2. Vince is not so sure that Gary is innocent of these allegations of sexual harassment. Also Vince saw Gary having launch with some Merchant Bankers and does not believe it when Gary says that they are some old college friends. This develops a rift between the two. Scene Six ========= 1. Williamson is trying to present Susy as a liar and a lazy person and someone who think of herself as sex goddess. Katie is presented as someone who would not usually lie, but could be talked into lying. Scene Seven =========== 1. Brian has molested his daughters, lost million of dollars onShow MoreRelated How The Twilight Zone Reflected American Society in the 1950s4909 Words   |  20 Pagesvehicles for this change was television. In a time when situation comedies and game shows dominated the air waves, Rod Serlings science fiction anthology program stood out as an example not only of the artistic potential of television in terms of writing and special effects, but also of the power television had as social commentary and a thought-provoking medium. Seeing televisions potential not just as a circus for the masses, but as an opportunity to challenge the conscious, penetrate the subconsciousRead MoreProblems and Aspirations of Youth as Highlighted in the Novels of Chetan Bhagat5079 Words   |  21 PagesAND ASPIRATIONS OF YOUTH† AS HIGLIGHTED IN THE NOVELS OF CHETAN BHAGAT INTRODUCTION: Trying hands on contemporary writing and then reigning over hearts of millions is not that easy as has been proved by one of the prominent writers of the day – Chetan Bhagat. Very few authors have managed to reach out to such a wide audience as Chetan Bhagat. There is originality of content in his writings and when he writes people feel as if it is their story. He is a phenomenon that has affected everybody, touchedRead MoreFahrenheit 451- a Critical Review4221 Words   |  17 Pagesbroadcast will not exceed one hour while most of the classic books can only be finished in at least two or three days. Furthermore, as the programs want to appeal to the most kinds of viewers, they are simplified; thus, the original intellectual properties inside the scripts are also reduced to almost nothing. Moreover, the comparison between the rate of TV programs in nineteenth and twentieth centuries clarifies Beatty’s points about man’s increasing demands for speed in entertainment: â€Å"slow motion†Read MoreIntroduction to Film Cinema and Literature12137 Words   |  49 Pagescameras along a stretch of race track and each camera took its picture as the horse sprinted by. The result of the photographs proved Leland Stanford right thereby making him win the bet. But rather than forgetting about the event, Muybridge had a brilliant idea which was inspired by the pictures of the horse. He therefore began taking pictures of numerous kinds of human and animal actions. Those pictures were displayed through the Zoopraxiscope, a machine that Muybridge invented for projecting slidesRead More Christopher Nolans Memento Essay5013 Words   |  21 Pagesindicator of overall audience enthusiasm for a film. Pearl Harbor was also midway through its fifth rapidly declining week in release while Memento was still hanging in there for its 15th week. More to the point, one film represents a triumph of writing, directing and performance, while the other is a triumph of money, hype and ... and ... more money. The slight possibility that, in a few more weeks, Memento could be taking in more in absolute dollars (rather than per-screen dollars) than PearlRead MoreThe Visceral Politics of V for Vendetta: On Politica Affect in Cinema6851 Words   |  28 Pagestheaters worldwide. Although the film, which is based on Alan Moore and David Lloyds graphic novel of the same name, represented James McTeigues directorial debut, it was far from a novice enterprise. The Wachowski Brothers—whose rà ©sumà © included writing and directing The Matrix (1999), which garnered academy awards for best sound, film editing, sound effects editing, and visual effects—co-wrote the screenplay for Vendetta and, along with Joel Silver of Die Hard (1988, 1990) and Lethal Weapo n (1987Read MoreEssay about Summary of History of Graphic Design by Meggs14945 Words   |  60 PagesChapter 1: The Invention of Writing - From the early Paleolithic to the Neolithic period (35,000 BC to 4,000 BC), early Africans and Europeans left paintings in caves, including the Lascaux caves in Southern France. - Early pictures were made for survival and for utilitarian and ritualistic purposes. - Petroglyphs are carved or scratched signs on rock. - These images became symbols for what would be the first spokenlanguage. - Cuneiform – Wedged shaped writing, created in 3000BC. StartedRead MoreKhasak14018 Words   |  57 Pagescontributed six novels, seven collections of short stories, six collections of political essays and a volume of satire. He has also translated his own works into English. He was a true visionary and India’s foremost fabulist in the recent past. His writing is as evocative as that of William Cuthbert Faulkner and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Speaking of his enormous range one can notice his transition from the angry young man to the mature transcendentalist in his novels. His economy of words, intensive broodingRead MoreRosalind Krauss - Photographys Discursive Spaces9350 Words   |  38 Pagesart historical construction of nineteenth-century landscape photography. The second (Fig. 2) is a lithographic copy of the first, produced for the publication of Clarence Kings Systematic Geology in 1878. Twentieth-century sensibility welcomes the original OSullivan as a model of the mysterious, silent beauty to which landscape photography had access during the early decades of the medium. In the photograph, three bulky masses of rock are seen as if deployed on a kind of abstract, transparent chessboardRead MoreCalculus Oaper13589 Words   |  55 Pageshow and why women s choice of women as passionate comrades, life partners co-workers, lovers, tribe, has been crushed, invalidated, forced into hiding and disguise; and second, the virtual or total neglect of lesbian existence in a wide range of writings, Including feminist scholarship. Obviously there is a connection here. I believe that much feminist theory and criticism is stranded on this shoal. My organizing impulse is the belief that it is not enough for feminist thought that specifically

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Elements of Negligent Tort Analysis and Remedies

Introduction The law of torts can be traced back to English Common Law and has become and integral part of Anglo-American Law for hundreds of years .These laws have been modified many times since the late 1800s by state legislatures and these changes have given plaintiffs more chance of success when bringing forth their claims. Original tort law included coverage for injuries suffered while in the workplace but this since has been removed entirely from tort law and replaced with the state administered workers compensation systems. In order for a plaintiff to utilize the law of torts certain elements need to be present so that a reasonable measure of success can be ensured in the outcome. Elements of Negligent Tort†¦show more content†¦Breach of Duty: In order for breach of duty to take place, there must be a duty owed to the plaintiff, and the defendant must be neglect of the duty that he owed. In order to test whether the duty was breached or not, there is a reasonable person test. This test is objective in two senses. First, it compares the defendant’s actions, with those that hypothetical person with ordinary prudence and sensibilities would have taken or not under the circumstances. Second the test focuses on the defendant’s behavior, rather than on the defendant’s subjective mental state. This test allows decision to be made on the facts of the case and for the prosecution, to determine whether there was reasonable foresee-ability of harm. According to Mallor even if the defendant has breached a duty, and plaintiff has actually suffered injury there is no liability for negligence without necessary causation link between breac h, and injury. Hence causation link involves three issues: 1) was the breach an actual cause of the injury? 2) Was the breach a proximate cause of the injury? 3) What was the effect of any intervening cause, arising after the breach to cause the injury? Thus both actual, and proximate, causes are necessary for a negligence recovery. Actual Cause: According to Mallor to determineShow MoreRelatedIntroduction The law of torts can be traced back to English Common Law and has become and integral1100 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The law of torts can be traced back to English Common Law and has become and integral part of Anglo-American Law for hundreds of years .These laws have been modified many times since the late 1800s by state legislatures and these changes have given plaintiffs more chance of success when bringing forth their claims. Original tort law included coverage for injuries suffered while in the workplace but this since has been removed entirely from tort law and replaced with the state administeredRead MoreNegligence Complaint Against The Commissioner Of Baseball1566 Words   |  7 Pagesbaseball spectators. Rule A tort is a civil wrong where one party has acted or failed to act, and that action or inaction causes a loss suffered by another party. Tort law imposes remedies for those who have suffered an injury or loss. Such remedies are typically in the form of monetary value that provide compensation as an effort to replace or make up for the act. There are three types of torts: intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability torts (citation). Tort law governs through state commonRead MoreTorts9373 Words   |  38 Pages200008 Torts Law School of Law, College of Business Learning Guide Autumn Semester 2012 Contents Unit Information Contacts Consultation times Expectations of student conduct Links to key policies and information affecting students Schedule of learning and teaching activities PASS peer mentoring program Actions taken to improve the unit Learning outcomes How the learning activities and assessment will support the learning and teaching outcomes Assessment Information Read MoreHow to Write Law Exam Answers6169 Words   |  25 Pages * 4 reasons why a particular fact is in the story o  Ã‚  Ã‚  It creates or helps to create an issue because it is inconsistent with another fact or appears to be inconsistent with the law. o  Ã‚  Ã‚  It helps to resolve an issue because it shows whether element(s) of the rule is satisfied. o  Ã‚  Ã‚  It is a red herring. o  Ã‚  Ã‚  It has no legal value and just helps to tell the story. Dealing with the issues listed – make an outline * Look at issues individually * Write down what rules are necessary to resolveRead MoreThe Purpose of Tort Law in the Irish Legal System 2411 Words   |  10 Pagesintended purpose of tort law is in the Irish legal system and how it has come about over centuries. I will include a brief outline of the meaning of tort law and the different kinds of Tort, I will also include a brief summary of the sister laws of tort, that being criminal and contract law. The word tort is the equivalent of the French word that means ‘wrong’. This word ‘tort’ was derived from the Latin word ‘tortum’, translated this means twisted, crooked or wrong. The term ‘tort’ was first introducedRead MoreBrill Torts Outline12018 Words   |  49 PagesTorts Outline- Brill Fall 2001 Overview: *What is a tort? A civil wrong other than a breach of contract for which the law provides a remedy. *Purposes of Tort law: Deter wrongful Encourage socially responsible behavior Restore injured parties to their original condition Peaceful means Intentional Torts I. Intent a. Definition—(1) voluntary acts for the purpose of causing [the essential element of the tort] OR (2) voluntary acts with knowledgeRead MoreEconomic Loss6031 Words   |  25 Pagesalways appropriate to impose a duty of care to avoid causing foreseeable economic loss through negligence. Even proximity is unlikely to supply the necessary additional factors. It is an argument that cases of economic loss do not always require a remedy. Cases involving economic loss frequently share certain other features. The damage is often caused indirectly; the relationship between C and the D is sometimes remote, and the number of potential parties is sometimes large. Categories of EconomicRead MoreThe Tort Of Wrongful Life3586 Words   |  15 Pagesbirth claims have generally been accepted by the courts, the tort of wrongful life, despite its long history, has not had the same success. In 2006 a majority of the High Court of Australia (HCA) followed the lead of many other jurisdictions and held that ‘wrongful life’ claims were not possible under the common law of Australia. A wrongful life claim is one brought by a disabled child against their mother’s medical practitioner for negligent pre-natal care. The negligence claims arise as a consequenceRead MoreAnalysis and Consequences of Legal Action(S) Essay5240 Words   |  21 PagesNovember 1, 2011 Analysis and Consequence of Legal Action(s) To: Rebecca Warren On behalf of Team A: Contents ANALYSIS FOR SUCCESSFUL LAWSUIT REPORT 3 Purpose 3 Factual Background 3 Issue 4 Roadmap 4 GROUNDS OF LIABILITY 5 Remedies for Negligence 5 Statutes Governing Contract Law 5 ANALYSIS OF NATIONAL BANK’S LIABILITY 7 Tort of Negligence 7 SUMMARY 10 DEFENSES AGAINST LIABILTY 10 Other Considerations 10 Analysis of Income 11 Offer and Acceptance Analysis 12 SummaryRead MoreThe Law of Tort and Business Contracts3325 Words   |  13 PagesLaw of Tort and Business Contracts Introduction According to law, tort occurs when a person fails to observe duty imposed on one by law, to ensure there is no injury to a determinate person. In most cases, the remedies for a tort are in the form of unliquidated damages for instance different amounts of compensation, which are determined by the courts of law. The law seeks to compensate the aggrieved party, unlike the criminal cases where the offenders are punished according to law. However, certain

Baritone Essay Example For Students

Baritone Essay The baritone has a long history. It all started in the early 18th century with an instrument called the serpent. This snake-like tube was made of either wood, brass or silver, and its tuning wasnt good. It had six finger holes (valves wernt ivented yet) in the beginning, but later more were added. It was used in military bands as a marching bass, but it could also be found supporting the bass part in church choirs. Players of the serpent needed to be extraordinary musicians, because when put in less talented hands it sounded horrible. The serpent had an undistinguished life, although some people still play it today, and was replaced in 1821 by a brass instrument, produced by a French company called Halary, that was a combination of the modern bassoon and baritone saxophone called the ophicleide. The ophicleide used keys (instead of the finger holes of the serpent). It became popular and was made in several sizes and keys, but by the end of the century, it had almost disappeared. Around 1815, valves were invented by Heinrick Stolzel and Friedrick Blushmel. Valves improved intonation and pitch, and made almost all modern brass instruments possible. At that time, the technology was new, and it was not until 1823 that a horn similar to the euphonium was used.The 1860s and 1870s were a major time of improvement for the euphonium, beginning when Professor Phasey of Kneller Hall, England, enlarged the bore of the instrument. Soon after that, over the shoulder euphoniums began to appear, and in 1874, the compensating valve system, invented by David Blaikley, made pitch better. The 1880s brought even more variety to the baritone/euphonium scene with the addition of the large bore Kaiserbariton, and the famous double-belled euphonium of Meredith Wilsons The Music Man. Not much happened in the development of the modern euphonium between 1888 and 1921, because people had decided that there was enough variety and there was no longer a need for new instruments. Baritones were taken out of wind bands and essentially limited to brass bands. Euphoniums however, became standard equipment for any military, marching, or concert band. Bibliography:jfdlksa;jkl;cjkopawrdjkld

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Ted Bundy Research Paper Example

Ted Bundy Paper A personality disorder is another cause of the career criminal. People with personality disorders are often involved in repeated episodes of disruptive or difficult behavior. Others often consider these people overbearing, dramatic, or even obnoxious (AGS). Ted Bundy is a narcissistic and a sociopath. Ted Bundy could be considered narcissist. He exposes a few of the Narcissistic diagnostic features in his personality. These features are as follows: Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior. Many highly successful individuals might be considered narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing. (Long). After Stephanie Brooks left Ted Bundy when she graduated, he showed a number of these disorder features. He shows a lot of self-importance when he goes back to University of Washington and throws himself into his studies to get outstanding grades. He also shows a need for admiration by getting himself into the upper rings of society by becoming a campaigner. We will write a custom essay sample on Ted Bundy specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Ted Bundy specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Ted Bundy specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer He also shows features of an extended definition by another source that describes a narcissistic behavior as A pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with ones self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of ones gratification, dominance and ambition (Ratzlaff). Not only did his modus operandi, he also shows his obsession in other ways. All of his victims share the basic same traits. They all were between the age of 17 and 26 and were from middle class families. Most were attending college or a university. And almost all of the women were brunettes with their hair parted down the middle. All of the women were attractive and had an average weight between 100 and 140 pounds. This was basically a vague description of Stephanie Brooks. Later he won her back and made her believe that he was going to marry her and just like she broke it off he broke it off. He shows some features of a sociopathic person. Some of the features that are associated with sociopathic behavior are Sense of entitlement; Unremorseful; Apathetic to others; Unconscionable behavior; Blameful of others; Manipulative and conning; Affectively cold; Disparate understanding; Socially irresponsible; Disregardful of obligations; Nonconforming to norms; Irresponsible (Kelly). Ted felt a sense of entitlement. He always felt that he should have had Stephanie Brooks. Ted even felt a sense of entitlement while he was in jail. He always complained about only have 2 meals instead of 3 meals a day. Ted was very manipulative not only when he murdered and raped those women; he was also very manipulative in his personal life. He was always manipulating people for money, sex, or whatever hey wanted. Ted also did not conform to norms. Ted was always a wonderer. He would leave for days at a time and drive through different states on just a whim. There are three features that can define a career criminal. The past criminality predicts future criminality, the earlier the onset of the criminal behavior, the better predictor of future criminal behavior, and for the high rate of criminality, there are usually drugs or alcohol involved. Ted Bundy is a narcissistic and a sociopath and he had some criminal behavior at a young age. By his own account in the interview with Dr. James Dobson he had looked at pornographic material when he was younger. And this started his fantasy about doing these sexual acts toward women. By obtaining these pornographic materials would be considered a status offense because if any person above the age of 18 had these materials it would not be criminal. Bundy also stole skis and equipment and forged ski-lift tickets to support his love of skiing. The next feature is that the Earlier the onset of this criminal activity, the better predictor of the onset of future criminal behavior. Number of early first experiences of problem behaviors was linearly associated with increased frequency of delinquency among the predominantly White and middle-class high school students (Mason). Before Ted was even out of high school, Bundy was a compulsive thief, a shoplifter, and on his way to becoming an amateur criminal. Also, it is believed that he acted out his fantasy, that he developed watching these pornographic materials, at the early age of 14. During this time he was a paperboy and an eight year old Ann Marie Burr went missing in the middle of the night and her body has never been recovered. There is often alcohol or drugs involved. Bundy often used alcohol before the commission of his crimes. Ofenders had used either alcohol alone or alcohol with other drugs in approximately 37 percent of violent victimizations in which victims were able to describe substance use by the offenders(Greenfeld). He admitted in his interview with Dr. James Dobson that he used alcohol before the vicious acts against these women. He said that it would lower his inhibition and it made it easier to commit these crimes. It was a cutoff for Ted Bundy when he would drink the alcohol. He would just say screw it and drink the alcohol which would lower his inhibition and would make it easier to commit the acts. This is evident when Carol DaRonch stated that she had smelt alcohol on his breath when he tried to kidnap her. There are a few occasions where Bundy and a Criminal Justice agency intrude. One intervention is where is arrested and brought to trial the first time for the abduction of Carol DaRonch. During this trial Ted was very confidant that they would not find him guilty of the crime. He was so confident that he represented himself in the trial. He thought that they would never be able to be convicted. Another intervention is when he was pulled over in Florida with the stolen Volts Wagon. He ended up wrestling with the officer and was eventually subdued by the officer. When he was place in the vehicle Ted said that he wished the officer had killed him. The police had a hard time identifying him because all the identification he has was stolen. The Criminal Justice agencies handled Ted Bundy very well. Even though he escaped twice they still handled him very well. They did not stomp all over his rights even though he was being held over for trial for horrible things and the fact that he was an escape risk. The court responded to every request that Ted had with a great deal of fairness. He was given access to the law library when he was defending himself. Also, he was given access to a phone to make long distance phone calls, which other inmates were not allowed to do. When he was arrested for the final time the officer had to fight with Bundy in order to get him under control. The officer showed a lot of poise by not using more force than what was necessary. Some officers might have used more force than that to subdue the subject.